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“Culture is like an old river;  it flows, evolves, changes its course through time, remembers the old, embraces the new, adapts to its environment, nourishes our souls.”  Paryse Suddith

Our Story

We assist Indigenous and other cultural communities in the preservation, protection, promotion of traditional knowledge and cultural expressions.

Our Mission

The purpose of Old River Productions and Consulting Services is to undertake activities that will encourage the general public to respect and appreciate traditional cultures, their dignity, cultural integrity, and the philosophical, intellectual and spiritual values of the peoples and communities that preserve and maintain knowledge and expressions of these cultures.

Old River Productions and Consulting Services is also created to:

  • Support customary practices and community cooperation;
  • Promote intellectual and artistic freedom, research and cultural exchange on equitable terms;
  • Contribute to cultural diversity;
  • Promote the development of indigenous peoples and cultural communities, and legitimate trading activities; and
  • Where so desired by indigenous peoples and communities and their members, promote the equitable and respectful use of traditional knowledge and cultural expressions for the development of indigenous peoples and communities, recognizing them as an asset of the communities that identify with them, such as through the development and expansion of marketing opportunities for tradition-based creations and innovations.

We are a multi-disciplinary (multilingual and multi-ethnic) group of caring professionals who assist in any way we can. We don’t pretend to have all the answers. We are respectful team players who happen to have knowledge and work experience that might be valuable to you and your community as you continue on your journey towards reconciliation, economic growth, and overall well-being. We offer to listen to your aspirations and work with you to realize them.

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